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Tord x tom

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Tord is an insomniac with his late night terrors that keeps him up late, and when Tom accidentally finds out about this, he decides to help Tord out. After all, they're... Completed eddsworldmatt eddsworldtom love +18 more # 2 Just Like Old Times by Wisdom the Wizard 23.6K 555 24.

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Tord immediately turned to Tom with a smug look. “she would kick your ass if she heard you say that” he finishes, looking at tom. “I’d like to see if she’s even real first commie” Tom spits out at Tord with a bored yet sour look. “oh you will tom, just you wait” Tord says with such a huge smug look on his face. Eddsworld Plush Doll, Eddsworld Plushies, Tord Eddsworld Toy, Tord & Matt/Tom & EDD Soft Stuffed Animals Doll, Tord Doll Toys for Fans of Eddsworld.

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Tord said, shrugging. "He can't sleep on the couch, Tom! That's not right!" Edd said. "Fine!" I crossed my arms. A few hours later, Matt and Edd went to go to bed in their rooms and I led Tord to my room. "There's some blankets in the closet, and a pillow or two, and if-" I cut off when I caught Tord staring intently at me, an unreadable. Tord x Reader from the story Eddsworld LEMONS by tamarafanfics (☠️Sebastion💔) with 2,354 reads Jealous jeff the killer x reader lemon Jealous jeff the killer x reader lemon. Ebook Reader by Icecream Apps allows to read ebooks in several formats (EPUB, MOBI, FB2 and others) add bidirectional sync support between the iOS app and the server. Synopsis. Eddsworld follows the misadventures of a group of young adult "morons" living together in a house somewhere in the United Kingdom: Edd, an artist obsessed with Coca-Cola; Tom, a jaded nihilist who lacks eyeballs; Matt, a dim-witted narcissist; and (prior to his departure) Tord, a trigger-happy Norwegian addicted to hentai.The series is generally episodic, and typically has. Sylvia: TOM X TORD SHALL BE CANNON. Life updates-Poptart: so me and Mod Luna are back (though idk if Luna wants to change their name its up to them for what they want to be called) Mod poptart had a bit of a rough year last year I had announced I was in college and some outside factors have lead to that not being true anymore.

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